Sidney Lanier HS Alumni

Roadside Stan is working with MODX Revolution to build you a brand new Sidney Lanier Historical website. Standby for more news and updates in the coming weeks.

Now that MODX is installed we will begin creating logins and managers and creating webpages for each Sidney Lanier Class from 1911 through today! You will be able to manage your own content and install third party extras to add great functionality to your pages.

It's All New

In a few days you will begin to see the history of your old Alma Mater come to life through these digital pages. There will be different types of resources for different users and cases. In particular you will be able to drill down through the years to individuals and events. You will be able to add your two cents worth and believe you me we want it.

Building your website is done through a combination of Templates, Template Variables, Chunks, Snippets and Plugins. Collectively these are known as Elements, but don't you worry about these piece parts, ole 'Roadside Stan' is going to fix you right up.

Once a section is ready for input don't be shy. Sidney Lanier is a large school with a large following and a rich and wonderful history. In fact the purpose of this site is to preserve every piece of that history for you and your families. SidneyLanier.Org will be here for years to come, so make sure it is included in your genealogy pages.

Modx and I will build the site to contain the outer markup of any page. Each resource can then be customized to each class desires. You can add and customize as many pages, pictures, forms, and diagrams as necessary to tell the stories of the 'Castle'. While you are waiting on me to complete construction, start making notes and collecting memorabilia from your school days and get ready to add them to this site.

You will also have security to the n'th level. You will be able to lock or unlock as much as you want. You will control you articles and viewers using your own login and sections. It is a lot of work but I am willing to put in the time to preserve our history.

Finally, we will enable more advanced features every month by hooking into the extensive events system provided by MODX.

To learn more about SidneyLanier.Org keep an eye on the Getting Started section in the official documentation as it starts to appear in the coming weeks!