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Ethan Bernal, Montgomery Advertiser7:02 p.m. CDT August 19, 2015

Sidney Lanier lost a legend.Coach Moseley with two special Lanier Players

It’s more than just wins and losses. Bill Moseley was a legend because of the impact he had on lives, not games.

Sad news swept through the Lanier community on Tuesday. The legendary coach died on Tuesday morning. He was 92 years old.

Long after his football coaching days with the Poets and the University of Kentucky, Moseley continued to be a role model for his former players. To quantify his influence, one of his former players, Paul Turner, put it best: “How many coaches do you know after 60 years are still meeting with their ball players?”

“Bill’s Boys,” as Turner called them, frequently went golfing with Moseley and met for lunch every other month. Like with many of his former players, Moseley and Turner stayed in touch after high school and grew to be close friends later in life.

Faculty and Class of 1941
Deborah Hayes Moore, Southern Hospitality 4:47 p.m. CDT July 14, 2015

As he helped bid adieu to graduating seniors during Sidney Lanier High School's 2015 Commencement exercises in May, Principal Antonio Williams took the time to recognize the class that had donned caps and gowns 50 years before. He also interjected a special moment for Sherlon Hosea (formerly known as Shirley Martin), who had enjoyed classes and her teen years with the 700-member Class of 1965. Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity to graduate with the rest of her friends, so she was awarded with an honorary degree from Lanier during this year's ceremony.

Hosea recently joined 125 of her former classmates as they reunited to reminisce and celebrate during a weekend committed to promoting their alma mater and its current students, as well as to creating more opportunities to cherish memories of their days as Lanier "Poets" five decades ago.

Members of the Sidney Lanier Class of 1965 enjoyed a recent 50th reunion that began with a Friday night gathering in the Alley Station’s Ballroom. Having fun were, from left, Ginger Virgin Smith, Beth Gordy Dubina, Mary Ethel Williamson Gross and Anne Bernstein Enslen.(Photo: David Robertson Sr./Contributed)

Class of '65 50-year Reunion

Deborah Hayes Moore, Special to the Advertiser 3:13 p.m. CDT May 5, 2015

As graduation season commences, several former high school friends are planning gatherings to celebrate significant milestones since they wore caps and gowns, and left the familiar nests of their alma maters.

2015 marks the year several will come together for Golden Year reunions, but members of Sidney Lanier High School's Class of 1955 have already topped the charts, returning to the Capital City 60 years since their commencement ceremonies.

From left, Ruth Mitchell Ott, Joe Bob Day, Judy Paterson, Bill Kessler, rear, and Wardlaw Lamar were among the members of Sidney Lanier High School’s Class of 1955 gathering in Montgomery for a milestone 60-year reunion.(Photo: Deborah Hayes Moore/Special to the Advertiser)

Class of '55 60-yr Reunion

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