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'' is a commemoration to a large high school in Montgomery, Alabama. The school is affectionately known as "the castle", because the North Tower has the appearance of a castle. Discover the history of this school and the lives of almost 50,000 students and more than one-hundred years of events guided by a highly respected faculty.

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Marvel at the impact of Sidney Lanier High School to Montgomery, to Alabama, to the United States, and to the world. Sidney Lanier has prepared many students who are now Astronauts, Business Owners, Craftsmen, Clergy, Doctors, Entertainers, Lawyers, Retailers, Soldiers, and Sports Figures. From Astronauts to Zoo Keepers and every profession in between, this grand old school has prepared many for the journey as an adult fulfilling their dreams.

You'll find 'our Poets' in all parts of the world as scientists, statesmen, and leaders held in high regard. Explore the complete history of Sidney Lanier High School (SLHS) and all of the students who attended from 1910 through today. Help us remember by sharing your memories of students, events, relatives and friends of that may have attended Lanier.

Many of you may have a yearbook, a newspaper article or photos. Any memorabilia will help paint a complete history of the school. Contributions do not have to be monetary. You can help by writing articles and contributing photos. Share your memories using the comment sections of articles and photos.

Lanier High School Sketch - Circa 1928 Explore the site! Search through the years for classmates, teachers, and events. Enjoy the site and comment often!

A Significant History

Sidney Lanier High School, located at 1756 South Court Street, was not the first Sidney Lanier High School in Montgomery, Alabama. Constructed on McDonough Street in 1909-1910, the old Sidney Lanier High School was the first co-educational public high school in Montgomery. The school was named for Sidney Lanier: poet, musician, and critic. He was born in Georgia in 1842, had served in the Confederate Army, and had lived in Montgomery from 1866-1867.

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Significant People

The Faculty at Lanier has always been highly recognized for its excellent administrators, faculty, and support staff. When the new building on South Court Street opened in 1929, many of those who had formerly taught at the old Lanier school transferred to the new building. Mr. J. Samuel McCants, who had been the principal at the old Lanier, went on to the new Lanier to act as its first principal. In total, he served Lanier as principal twenty-nine years, from 1916-1945.

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Significant Architecture

In 1923, the Montgomery Board of Education purchased twenty-four acres on South Court Street for the purpose of constructing a new high school. The Montgomery Advertiser stated that

"The most comprehensive educational building program Montgomery has ever known was unfolded Wednesday by the City Board of Education in connection with its announcement of land purchased for the projected $500,000 high school." Mr. L. C. Cardinal, head of the Montgomery ...

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