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In Memory of the Sidney Lanier High School Class of 1918
by Minna Roth Hill and Laura Rachel Hill

Cora Lee Adams (1900-1988)
Cora Lee was born on February 16, 1900 and was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Adams and Lena Jones. She married William R. Steltenkamp in Montgomery in 1921. She worked as a stenographer prior to her marriage to William and later was employed as a bookkeeper. Cora Lee died on March 12, 1988, in Smyrna, Georgia, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Elizabeth Phillips Adams (1899-1970)
Jesse Clayton Adams and Elizabeth Phillips McCoy, originally from Ozark, Alabama, were Elizabeth's parents. After moving to Montgomery, Jesse became the chief clerk in the office of the commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. In 1920, their family was living in Cloverdale. Elizabeth married Robert B. Stallworth, who was an automobile salesman, and they lived in Westchester, New York.
Maude Judson Bibb (1899-1989)
Maude was born on June 10, 1899, in Robinson Springs, Alabama. Her parents were Walter Haynie Bibb and Florence Eugenia Spiers. Maude and her husband, William Ped Hickman, were married in Jefferson County, Alabama, in 1928. She lived in Stuart, Florida, and died in Asheville, North Carolina, on July 29, 1989.
Gladys Whipple Bourne (1899-1969)
Born on April 23, 1899, in Montgomery, Gladys' parents were Edward Bourne and Mary Lavada Whipple. She graduated from Women’s College of Alabama (Huntingdon) in 1922 and two years later married Samuel Vinton Campbell in Montgomery. Alice was an artist, and it is no wonder that she was the art editor of the 1918 Oracle. The highlight of her career was studying with Norman Rockwell at his studio in Massachusetts. Gladys operated an art studio in Miami, Florida; taught art lessons at Mercer College in Macon, Georgia; and owned and operated an art studio and gallery in Montgomery on Highland Avenue. She served as the president of the Art Guild in Montgomery in the early 1960s, and in 1964, her painting of the Alabama Governor's Mansion was included in the Alabama art exhibit at the World's Fair in New York. Gladys died on October 4, 1969, in Montgomery and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.
Eleanor Browder (1900-1974)
Eleanor was born in Georgia in 1900. Her father had died by the time the 1920 Montgomery County census was taken, and her mother, Eleanor Browder, was listed as the head of the household. Eleanor married Evert E. Addison in Montgomery in 1928. They lived in Columbus, Ohio, where Evert was a lawyer and Eleanor served as the society editor of the local newspaper. Eleanor died in Columbus on April 29, 1974.
Lee Callaway, Jr. (1901-1975)
Lee was the son of Lee Callaway, Sr. and Mamie Walter. He graduated from the University of Alabama in 1922, and in 1924 he married in Montgomery, Emily Prince Black, Lanier class of 1919. Lee was a farmer and a traveling salesman, and Emily worked as a clerk-stenographer. He died in 1975 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Cora Lee Cook (1899-1987)
Nathan Burrel Cook, who was a railroad conductor, and his wife, Mittie, were Cora Lee's parents. Cora Lee was born on October 27, 1899. She attended the University of Alabama, graduating from there in 1922, and soon afterwards married James M. Reinhardt in Montgomery. James was a professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska from 1931 until 1963. Cora Lee died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 1, 1987, and is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis.
Elizabeth Dandridge Crommelin (1901-1970)
Elizabeth was born in Montgomery on March 7, 1901, to John Geraerdt Crommelin, Sr. and Katharine Vasser Gunter. She married Frederick Karl Gunster. Elizabeth was a member of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America. She died on June 18, 1970, in Montgomery and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.
John Geraerdt Crommelin, Jr. (1902-1996)
John was also a child of John Geraerdt Crommelin, Sr. and Katharine Vasser Gunter. He was born on October 2, 1902, in Montgomery. John graduated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1923, and in 1930, he married Lillian C. Tapley. During World War Two, he served as an executive officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise and was chief of staff on the U.S.S. Liscome Bay when it was sunk by the Japanese in 1943. He retired as a Rear Admiral in 1950 and moved to Elmore County, Alabama, to tend his plantation at Harrogate Springs. Later he embraced far right politics and ran unsuccessfully in many political races. In 1983, the U.S.S. Crommelin was commissioned in honor of John and his four brothers who all graduated from Annapolis and who all served in combat during the war, resulting in the deaths of two of them. John died on November 2, 1996, in Montgomery.
Wilmer Elliot Daniel (1901-1986)
William Ruffin Daniel and Nan Lee Reed were Wilmer's parents. William was employed as a merchant in Montgomery. Wilmer married Webster Edward Bishop. She died in Orlando, Florida, in 1986 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando.
Margaret Dannelly (????-????)
Margaret's mother was Olivia Dannelly, who was a school teacher in Montgomery and who taught English at Lanier from 1927 until 1928. Margaret worked as a stenographer and as a bookkeeper in Montgomery prior to 1933, but no records were found for her after that date.
George Cummings Dickey (1900-1979)
George was born on January 29, 1900, in Montgomery to George Whitfield Dickey and Annie Davis of Snowdoun, Alabama. In 1919, he was a student at the University of Alabama, and in 1928, he married Epsie Jordan in Montgomery. George died in 1979 in Montgomery and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.
Marshall Elise Fitzpatrick (1901-1973)
Marshall was the daughter of David T. Fitzpatrick and Eleanor Hawkins Vass. David was from Munfordville, Kentucky, and he was employed in Montgomery as a cashier for the Standard Oil Company of Kentucky. Marshall's father died before she was born, and her mother died in 1911, so she was raised by her grandparents, Thomas Marshall Vass and Elise Virginia "Jennie" Jones. Marshall and her husband, Robert Bellinger Janney, were married in 1921 in Montgomery. She was a member of the Francis Marion Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Montgomery. Marshall died in Huntsville, Alabama, on August 1, 1973.
Anne Paul Goldthwaite (1901-1988)
Anne was born on March 28, 1901, to Capt. Robert Wallach Goldthwaite and Mary Phelan Watt. She was named for her paternal grandmother, Annie Paul Nesbitt. Her father was a physician and a surgeon, and he died on September 30, 1918, in Allery, France, while serving in World War One. Anne and her classmate, Lucy Armistead Goldthwaite, were second cousins. She married John Wesley Durr, Jr. in Montgomery in 1925. She died on May 28, 1988 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Lucy Armistead Goldthwaite (1900-1982)
Lucy was the daughter of Herbert Armistead Goldthwaite and Nanlee Ray. Born on December 19, 1900, she was named for her paternal grandmother, Lucy Boyd Armistead. One of Lucy's aunts was Anne Wilson Goldthwaite, who was a highly recognized painter and women's rights advocate. Another one of her aunts was Lucille Armistead Goldthwaite. L ucille was a well-known New York librarian who worked to provide books in Braille for the blind. Lucy was listed on the 1940 United States Census as living in New York City with her mother, Nanlee. Her occupation was listed as a Raiseman assistant. Her last place of residence was Mineola, New York. Lucy died in New York on March 12, 1982 and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Mary Margaret Hix (1901-1995)
Margaret's parents were William T. and Cora Hix. She was born on July 16, 1901, in Montgomery. Her married name was Sewell, and she was an educator and a librarian. Margaret died on May 21, 1995, in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is buried there at Royal Palm South Cemetery.
Elberta Holt (1899-1966)
On September 6, 1899, Elberta was born to Nathan Benton Holt and Octavia Rush. She married Frederick Augustus Jones in 1948 in Orange County, Florida. Elberta died on April 18, 1966, and is buried at Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola, Florida.
Genie Blue Howard (1899-1994)
Genie was the daughter of William B. Howard and Nellie Barrett and was born on December 10, 1899. She was named for her maternal grandmother, Eugenia Caroline "Nellie" Blue. Genie's maternal great uncle was Matthew Powers Blue, Montgomery's first historian; and her nephew, Milo Barrett Howard, Jr., Lanier class of 1951, was the director of the Alabama Department of Archives and History and the chairman of the Alabama Historical Commission. Genie attended Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, and in 1920, she and Joseph Gibson Mathews, were married in Montgomery. Genie taught for one year at Lanier during the 1943-1944 school year. She served on the Montgomery United Way Community Council from 1953 until 1967 and was chairman of the council in 1955 and 1956. In 1985, the Mathews-Altheirmer-Smith Award was established for members of the River Region United Way Community Council who gave outstanding service to the community. The award was named for its first three recipients: Genie Blue Howard Mathews, Dorothy Altheimer, and Ellen Smith. Genie died on December 14, 1994 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Elizabeth Annette May Inglis (1899-)
Born about 1899, May was the daughter of John "Jock" M. Inglis and Annie Rutherford. Their family immigrated to America from Edinburgh, Scotland, around the turn of the century. Jock is considered to have been Montgomery's first professional golfer, was a member of the PGA, and was the architect of the golf course at the Montgomery Country Club. May married Barrie Holt Harmon, Sr., whose occupation was listed as an automobile salesman. Barrie died in 1926, and May was left alone as a widow to raise their son, Barrie Holt Harmon, Jr. She and Barrie, Jr. were listed on the 1940 Montgomery County census as boarders in the home of J. Michael Nicrosi and his wife, Mittie Holt. Mittie was Barrie, Jr.'s great aunt. May was employed as an office secretary and later served as a hostess at the Alabama State Capitol. The only other records found for May were on the occasion of her son's marriage in 1946 and upon his death in 1973.
Edgar Jewell (????-????)
Edgar was a farm management specialist in Montgomery, and his wife's name was Laura. No further information was found for Edgar.
Nota Pearson Johnston (1898-1989)
Nota was born on July 22, 1898. Her parents were Edward Davison Johnston and Capitola West. She married Clyde Mann in Montgomery in 1919. Both Nota's father and her husband worked for the railroad. Clyde's sister, Bertha Mann, taught history at Lanier from 1922 until 1956. Nota and Clyde moved to South Carolina, but later returned to Montgomery. Nota died on January 9, 1989, in Montgomery, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.
Irby Austin Jones (1900-1971)
Irby was born on May 12, 1900, to Nichols Harris Jones and Lucy Hinds. Nichols was a farmer, and he served as the chief officer to the deputy sheriff in Montgomery. Irby was president of the Lanier class of 1918. He attended the University of Alabama and in 1925 married Byrne Wright in Montgomery. Irby and Byrne lived in Montgomery where he was a realtor. He died on April 22, 1971 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.
Lillian Jones (1900-1993)
Born to Henry C. and Janie E. Jones on November 24, 1900, Lillian married George Marvin Mackey in Montgomery in 1921. She died on June 20, 1993, in Jefferson County, Alabama.
Lois Jones (1897-1935)
Lois was born on November 10, 1897. Her father's name was James Jones. Lois married Alexander Roy Newman in Montgomery in 1923. She died on September 28, 1935, in Dallas, Texas, and is buried there at Grove Hill Memorial Park.
Frances King (????-????)
No records were found for Frances.
Dora Josephine Landau (1900-)
Born in 1900, Dora's parents were Max Landau, who was a traveling salesman, and his wife, Emma. Their family was listed on the 1920 Montgomery County census, and Dora was listed in the 1928 Montgomery City Directory as living on Mildred Street and as working as a stenographer. No further records were found for their family.
Theodosia Burr Lee (1900-1962)
Theodosia was born on August 7, 1900, in Clayton, Alabama. Her parents were Lawrence H. Lee and Augusta Alston. Her father was a lawyer, and he served as a reporter of the Supreme Court of Alabama. Theodosia worked briefly as a stenographer before her marriage to Lloyd Barnett, who she married in 1920 in Montgomery. She died in Orly, Departement du Val-de-Marne, Île-de-France, France, on June 3, 1962, and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Jane Kirkman Massie (1901-1988)
Jane was born on August 1, 1901, to Patrick Cabell Massie and Elizabeth McCullough. Patrick was a lawyer who served as the recorder for the City of Montgomery and was president of the Montgomery Abstract Company. In 1926, Jane married Fendall Marbury in Baltimore, Maryland. Fendall attended St. John's College, Princeton University, and Harvard Law School. He served as a delegate to the General Assembly of Maryland, beginning in 1929. Jane died on January 31, 1988, in Baltimore.
Emma Louise McAdam (1899-1988)
The daughter of James Bernard McAdam and Zada Helen Huston, Louise was born on June 20, 1899, in Montgomery. She was the wife of Harry Thomas Drury. She died on February 6, 1988, in Nashville, Tennessee, and is buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Nashville.
Joseph Edward McAdam (1900-)
Joseph was the son of George J. McAdam, who worked as a bookkeeper in Montgomery, and Nellie B. Herron. Soon after his graduation from Lanier, Joseph was employed as a shipping clerk. Their family was listed on the 1920 Montgomery County census, but nothing more was found on Joseph.
Frank Shackelford Mosley (1900-)
Frank was the son of Franklin McLemore Mosley and Lela Shackelford of Pintlala, Alabama. His father received the first degree ever awarded in electrical and mechanical engineering at Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Auburn in 1893. Frank also attended A.P.I. and studied architecture. In 1923, Frank was working for Mosley Electric Company in Montgomery, and in 1927, he self-published a Shackelford family tree in Eutaw, Alabama. No records were found for Frank after 1927.
Laura Aldsworth Oliver (1900-1984)
Laura was the daughter of Thomas Winfrey Oliver, Jr. and Fannie Falconer Ledyard. Thomas was a planter from Mitylene, Alabama, who represented Montgomery County in the House of Representatives. Laura was born in Montgomery on April 28, 1900, and in 1925 in Montgomery, she married Justin Fuller. She died on March 15, 1984 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Bernard Lewis Pake (1900-1987)
The son of Lee J. Pake, who was an insurance salesman, and Clara Lehrman, Lewis was born in 1900 in Uniontown, Alabama. The 1923 Montgomery City Directory listed Lewis as living at home with his parents and as being a chemist. He married Frances Adelaide Kocher in 1944 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Lewis died in Topton, Pennsylvania, on February 3, 1987.
Laura Bianca Payne (1899-1970)
Laura was born on September 20, 1899. She and her husband, Ernest Abner Peace, married in 1930 in Montgomery. Prior to her marriage, Laura had worked as a stenographer in Montgomery. She died in Roanoke, Alabama, on April 10, 1970, and is buried at Marble City Cemetery in Sylacauga, Alabama.
Mary Elmore Persons (1901-1973)
Born on May 10, 1901, Mary Elmore's parents were Dr. Henry Stanford Persons and Mary Elmore. Mary Elmore graduated from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia, in 1922, and immediately began teaching English at Lanier, a position she held until her retirement in 1964. In 1955, she co-authored a history of Sidney Lanier High School. Please see the Fall 2009 issue of the Montgomery Genealogical Society Quarterly. Mary Elmore died in Montgomery on March 24, 1973 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.
Lurline Pierson (1899-1991)
Lurline was born in Texas in 1899 to George A. Pierson and Camilla Antoinette Logan. She was the editor-in-chief of the 1918 Oracle. In Montgomery in 1923, she married Harold Lerow Weatherby. Lurline and Harold were both school teachers in Montgomery, and Harold taught manual arts and mechanical drawing at his wife's alma mater from 1922 until 1959. He was also Lanier's official photographer. Lurline died in Montgomery on December 26, 1991, and she is buried at Greenwood Cemetery.
Walter Lehman Pinner (1901-)
Born on July 18, 1901, in Montgomery, to William Pinner and Henrietta "Yetta" Lyons, Walter attended A.P.I. and graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in chemical engineering in 1923. He married Teresa Schmitt of Beverly Hills, Illinois, and they were listed as living in Detroit, Michigan, on the 1930 and 1940 census records. Either Teresa died, or they divorced, because in 1949, Walter married Mrs. Marguerite Schraan Boh in Steuben, Indiana. The last record found that possibly pertains to Walter was an immigration record where a Walter Pinner entered the United States in New York in 1950. Alabama was given as his place of birth.
Grace Truman Reese (1900-)
Grace was born in Kentucky to Richard and Ida Reese. Richard was a building contractor in Montgomery. Grace married Thomas C. Layton in Montgomery in 1919. No further records were found for Grace.
Aimee Young Roberts (1898-1985)
George W. Roberts and Della Mostella were Aimee's parents. She was born on September 23, 1898. She graduated from the University of Alabama in 1924, and in 1925, she married Milton Rogers Thomason in Montgomery. She was a school teacher and was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Montgomery. Aimee was a member of several garden clubs and civic organizations, and she was also a nationally accredited Flower Show judge. She was a member of the Francis Marion Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and in 1962, she wrote a genealogy book about her Roberts family entitled Our Kith and Kin that was published by the Willo Publishing Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Aimee died on October 30, 1985 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Lucille Roberts (1899-1975)
Born on July 27, 1899, Lucille was the daughter of G. E. Roberts and Mary Sue Smith. She married Fleming E. Zeigler in 1918 in Montgomery, and they lived in Elmore County, Alabama. Fleming died in 1936, and in 1939, Lucille married Lisbon Falls Gober in Elmore County. Lucille died in Creola, Alabama, on May 4, 1975, and is buried at Rocky Mount Cemetery in Elmore County.
Mamie Kate Roemer (1899-1976)
Mamie Kate's parents were Carl Mohr Roemer and Anna Beck. She married Hebert Lyman Rainey. They lived in Birmingham, where she died in 1976. She is buried there at Elmwood Cemetery.
Zelda Sayre (1900-1948)
Author, ballerina, and painter, Zelda was born in Montgomery on July 24, 1900, to Alabama Supreme Court Justice Anthony Dickson Sayre and Minnie Buckner Machen. Stories abound about Zelda, including the one about her swimming in the fountain on Court Square. Her nonconformist attitude was even present at her high school graduation when, according to her biographer, Nancy Milford, Zelda chose to sit in the audience rather on the stage with her classmates. Soon after graduation, Zelda met author Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, and they were married in New York City in 1920. Scott was named after his second cousin, thrice removed, on his father's side, Francis Scott Key, who penned "The Star-Spangled Banner." Since volumes have been written about the Icons of the Jazz Age, the history of their lives together will not be covered here. Zelda died in a tragic fire in Asheville, North Carolina, on March 10, 1948.
Edith Rosalind Scheuer (1899-1984)
Edith was born in Alabama on December 27, 1899. Her parents were Nathan Scheuer and Ettie Friedman. She and her husband, Sigmund Irving Weil, were married in Montgomery in 1925. Edith died on February 9, 1984 and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Mary Janet Scott (1900-1995)
Mary Janet was born on October 24, 1900. Her family was listed on the 1910 Montgomery County census, but her father had died, and her mother, Mary Scott, was the head of the household. Mary Janet worked as a stenographer before her marriage to Francis Payne Hereford, an accountant, in 1935 in Montgomery. She died on March 6, 1995 and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Leila Katherine Sherrill (1897-1985)
Leila was the daughter of James and Julia Sherrill. Their family lived in Fayette County, Alabama, in 1910, and by the time the 1920 census was taken, her father had died. She was born on July 23, 1897 and died on June 26, 1985. Leila is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Alice Reese Smith (1901-1925)
Born in 1901 to Benjamin Smith, who was an architect in Montgomery and Mary M. Reese, Alice married Ocie K. Powell in 1923 in Montgomery. From the Phi Beta Kappa Key: "In Memoriam - Mrs. Alice Reese Smith Powell, Alabama, '22, died in Miami, Florida, on June 9, 1925. She was one of the outstanding honor students of her class." Alice is buried in Montgomery.
Emily Smith (1900-1974)
The daughter of Charles Smith and Emily Clisby, Emily was born on February 4, 1900. She was the wife of Rev. Philip Cary Adams who she married in Montgomery in 1929. Emily died on December 13, 1974, in Cumberland County Virginia, and is buried there at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
Wilma Elizabeth Suttle (1899-1991)
Wilma was born on September 18, 1899, and was the daughter of John Newton Suttle, an insurance salesman, and Mary Beatrice Moon. Wilma was employed as a stenographer, and in 1930 in Montgomery, she married Howell Cleveland Noel. Wilma died in 1991 and is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery Annex in Montgomery.
Martha Lamar Teague (1901-1978)
Born on October 1, 1901, in Montgomery to William Martin Teague and Martha "Mattie" (Elsworth) Lamar, Martha married Adolphus Clyde Watson, Jr. in Montgomery in 1924. Martha was a teacher, and Clyde was a traveling salesman. She died in August of 1978 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Edward Allison Terry (1900-1971)
Edward was born in 1900 and was the son of John Wilson Terry and Henrietta South. He married Annie Lewis. Edward died in Mobile, Alabama, on January 26, 1971.
Virginia Thomason (1899-1967)
Virginia's parents were Edmond J. Thomason and Thula Robinson. She was born on June 7, 1899. Virginia married William A. Winston in Montgomery in 1923, who was employed as an electrician. Virginia died in Montgomery on March 6, 1967 and is buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Birmingham.
Jesse Thomas Traywick, Jr. (1900-1979)
Jesse was born on November 14, 1900, to Jesse Thomas Traywick, Sr. and Daisy Wilson. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1924. He was a Colonel in the United States Army during World War II and was held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese from the fall of Corregidor on May 6, 1942, until his release in August of 1945. His wife was Mona Dudley. Jesse died on October 22, 1979, in Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Edna Aline Turnipseed (1899-1976)
The daughter of Charles B. Turnipseed and Elizabeth Warner, Aline was born on April 26, 1899. She married Ellis Chaplin Lowry. She died on September 29, 1976 and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Montgomery.
Margaret Goodwyn Tuttle (1901-1936)
On January 11, 1901, Margaret was born to Dr. Mortimer Hart Tuttle, who was a dentist, and Mary Harriett "Minnie" Taylor. Margaret married David Cody. She died in Montgomery on December 31, 1936 and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery.
Annie Barbara Weare (1900-)
Annie was born in Massachusetts in 1900. She was the daughter of William E. and Jesse Weare. Shortly after Annie's graduation from Lanier, she was working in Montgomery as a stenographer. Their family was listed on the 1920 Montgomery County census, but no further records were found for Annie.
Herbert Arthur Wicks (????-????)
No information was found for Herbert.
Annie Gene Williams (1900-1977)
Annie Gene was born on March 28, 1900. She and her husband, Arthur Morgan, married in 1921 in Montgomery. Annie Gene died in March of 1977 in Montgomery.
George Aubrey Williams (????-????)
No records were found for George.
Harrison Oscar Yelverton, Sr. (1899-1983)
Born in Ozark, Alabama, on October 22, 1899, Oscar was the son of James Oscar Yelverton and Penelope Elizabeth Parker. His father was employed as a bookkeeper in Montgomery, and after Oscar graduated from Lanier, he worked in Montgomery as a salesman. Oscar married Jewel Robbins in 1931. He died in Jasper, Alabama, on April 8, 1983.

"To follow Time's dying melodies through, And never to lose the old in the new."
- Sidney Lanier, The Symphony

(Note: Researching unrelated families can be a difficult task, and errors can occur. Please contact Minna Hill with any corrections or additional information that you might have.)